If you haven't tried our grinders

you'rein for a treat.  We have four

to choose from,our Otalian,

the Classic Philly, the Traveler

and the St. Charles.

Alley Burgers

Build your own Burger. 

A half pound of  Angus Beef

or chicken plus a choice of ad-ons


Check out our large variety

of sandwichesand Wraps;

Ribeye steak, Smoked Briket,

Classic Pulled Pork, Vweggie,

plus a great assortment of Wraps.


Baked French Onion or soup of 

the day. Homemade Chili and

a choice of9 different salads

including our ownAlley 64 

Apple & chicken Salad

               Appetizers/Kick Starters

We have a variety of Kick Starters, ranging from Chicken Wings,

Buffalo Tiger Shrimp Filet Skewers

to Grilled Poppers, Tiger Shrimp,

Mussels, Sliders, Nachos

and Quesadiilas.

Alley'64 has a very diverse menu that would rival any restaurant in St. Charles.

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